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What is conditional immortality ?

What is Conditional Immortality?

What is conditional immortality ? "Conditional Immortality" is an unfortunately cumbersome piece of … [Read More...]

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A biblical anthropology

Life Death and Destiny | The Judgment of God

( From Chapter Six (Part 1- Introduction) : The Judgment of God from Life, Death and Destiny) It … [Read More...]

unity of man

An Intermediate State? (Part 1)

{An extract from Chapter 6, from  A Biblical Anthropology by Michael Bieleski.} One of our … [Read More...]

Magazine Issue 64 cover

From Death to Life Issue 64

The latest issue of our magazine, From Death to Life Issue 64 March 2015 is available online … [Read More...]


A Brief tour of Reformation Conditionalism (Part 2)

{ A Brief Tour of Reformation Conditionalism  (Part 1) click here } The Zurich radicals didn’t … [Read More...]

Eternal Consequences

Life Death and Destiny | Eternal Consequences

( From Chapter Five: The Path to Immortality from Life, Death and Destiny) LIFE ONLY IN CHRIST (a) … [Read More...]


Death and Life! (Part 2)

{An extract from Chapter 5, from  A Biblical Anthropology by Michael Bieleski.} { Death and … [Read More...]

A Brief tour of Reformation Conditionalism (Part 1)

When John Calvin wrote the Orléans draft of his first book, Psychopannychia, in 1534, one wonders … [Read More...]

Where did all the souls go?

Souls are on the way out. Not just in our culture or in science, where some Christians may suspect … [Read More...]

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Cast into Hell: Gehenna in Luke’s Gospel

It feels misleading to have a title like “Gehenna in Luke’s Gospel,” which gives the impression that I’m going to look at all the instances where Luke … [Read More...]

Destroyed from God’s Presence

St Paul’s description of the judgement of God in 2 Thessalonians 1:9 is another biblical reason to give up the traditional view of divine judgement … [Read More...]


coaching for the mission in Jewish Galilee | the harvest is plentiful

The prophet Isaiah had predicted that the northern territories, once the possession of the tribes of Zebulun and Naphtali, would have a special place … [Read More...]

is the soul immortal

Matthew 10:28 and dualism | Is the soul Immortal ?

Is the soul immortal? Did Jesus say that when people kill our bodies, our souls go marching on? Matthew 10:28 is a problem for the traditional … [Read More...]

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up in smoke

Isaiah 34:6-11 6 Yahveh has a bloody sword; it is blood filled. It is covered with bloody fat from lambs and goats, from fat of rams’ kidneys, because Yahveh has a sacrifice planned for Bozrah and a huge slaughter planned for the land of Edom. 7 And wild oxen will go down with them, and steers with … Read More...


thrown away from your grave

Isaiah 14:16-21 16 Those who see you will gawk at you, they will gaze closely at you: 'this is the man who made the land tremble, who caused kingdoms to shake, 17 who made a world like the desert and destroyed its cities, who would not let his prisoners return home?' 18 All kings of nations, all … Read More...


waking to taunt Babylon

Isaiah 14:9-15 9 Sheol below is getting excited over you, to welcome your entrance, it wakes dead spirits for you, all of the leaders of the land. It raises all of the kings of the nations from their “thrones.” 10 All of them will respond and say to you, 'You yourself were also made weak like us! … Read More...

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