Is Death, Death? (Audio)

Hear is the audio of the third in a series of sermons I am preaching at my church (on Conditional Immortality and specifically here, the Biblical view of death). The sermon is entitled, “Is Death Death?” What I was getting at in the title I probably never really got to in the sermon. I think the traditional view of the immortal soul going to heaven at death really does away with death altogether. The “real” you never actually dies. On the other hand, according to the Bible, death really is death. The whole person really does die.

When I originally preached this sermon I must have pushed the wrong button on my recording device. Consequently I had a large audio file with nothing on it. My solution was to re-record the message, sitting at my desk in the relative comfort of my desk chair.  .


About David Burge

David Burge was the Editor of From Death to Life for 6 years and the chairperson of the Conditional Immortality Association of NZ from 1993 until his death in 2010 from Leukemia.

"He was a genuine leader, a gifted, enterprising, focused and humble person who could be relied upon to make the most of his own gifts and to take others with him. David was not afraid of responsibility, but rose to every opportunity granted him to serve His Lord and Saviour. He was inspirational, a man of courage and vision, who earned the complete confidence of all who knew him. He carried heavy burdens lightly, and displayed unfailing, cheerful good will towards all."
from A Tribute to David Burge by Warren Prestidge . He was the father of eight and dearly loved husband of Tarnya . He pastored the Takanini Church for 12 years and he had cerebral palsy.


  1. I stumbled across this topic of annihilationism a few months ago and have been searching for more information about it since then. I’ve emailed several pastors regarding this topic and have been unable to get any satisfactory answers so far. Thank you for posting this site!

    • Thanks Lori. Feel free to leave a question here or in the forum. There is lots on this site as well as Regards

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