The Body Dies, The Person Dies, Then What?

Craig C. Hill, In God’s Time: The Bible and the Future (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans, 2002), 5, says

“More characteristic of both ancient Judaism and early Christianity is the belief that the person is a psychosomatic whole. No soul exists independent of a body, so when the body dies, the person dies.”

Anthony Hoekema in his book, also tittled The Bible and the Future (Exeter: Paternoster, 1978), 91 says,

“We conclude that the concept of the immortality of the soul is not a distinctively Christian doctrine. Rather, what is central in biblical eschatology is the doctrine of the resurrection of the body.”

Later, he says,

“The Scriptures make it abundantly clear that the resurrection of Christ is the pledge and guarantee of the future resurrection of believers” (p. 245-46).

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