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CONVERSATION WITH MATT DABBS — The September 30 issue of “Kingdom Living,” the blog of Matt Dabbs of St. Petersburg, Florida, includes a conversation between Matt and me {Edward Fudge}  about The Fire That Consumes. However, Matt’s inquiries focus less on outward content and more on personal and internal details — motives, reactions, expectations. I appreciate Matt’s hospitality in including this in his blog. Read it all here.

LECTURE POWERPOINT ONLINE — Now you can watch the slides to my September 24 Lanier Theological Library Lecture on “The Fire That Consumes” at no charge online. The 188-slide Power Point program is largely self-explanatory and is so detailed that it served as my teleprompter. To watch the slide program, click here, then use space bar or arrow key to advance slides. (For full-screen viewing, press F5 key. This is a read-only file.)

LECTURE ONLINE AND DVD READY- The video of my September 24 presentation titled “The Fire That Consumes: A Biblical and Historical Study of the Doctrine of Final Punishment,” the first in the Lanier Theological Library’s 2011-2012 school year Lecture series, can now be viewed on the Library website at OR you can view it directly at

Lecture with Edward Fudge from Lanier Theological Library on Vimeo.

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You can also purchase a DVD of this lecture for only $5 (including shipping), a wonderful teaching tool for every serious Bible student, teacher, pastor, educator, church or high school and older class or group of any size. This is a wonderful gift to anyone who studies Scripture, or who does not but should, or church, group, library or just for yourself. For more details, email Amy Parker at

This understanding of Scripture is spreading rapidly among scholars and thoughful laypersons as well. It concludes that those who are finally lost will be raised to face God in judgment, then will be expelled to hell, the lake of fire and burning sulfur. There they truly die, perish and are destroyed entirely and forever in the second death. The destructive process includes whatever degrees of conscious pain that divine justice requires in each individual case.

This is “the view in the middle” between two extremes. At one end is universalism, and at the other end is unending conscious torment. We hold to conditionalism or annihilationism, not because it is the middle view, but because we believe it most consistent with Scripture. We object to the traditional view because we believe it NOT consistent with Scripture and also because (if we are correct in finding it unscriptural) it is a slander against the character of God who is holy and merciful and just.

This subject is not a salvation issue, and it is not a fellowship issue. What is needed is open-minded study and discussion by people of good will and honest hearts. May we, with God’s help, always fit that description.

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