Doug Smith

Doug Smith is a grateful follower of Christ and an avid Bible student who is willing to believe the Bible, even when it contradicts tradition. He was mentored by Dr. Timothy Barnett in the study of the Scriptures, including conditional immortality. Doug writes on these and related subjects at He is blessed by his wife Lynetta, who is also a professional editor. Doug and Lynetta share four daughters and live near Nashville, TN.

“My brother, sister, friend — read, study, think, and read again. You were made to think. It will do you good to think; to develop your powers by study. God designed that religion should require thought, intense thought, and should thoroughly develop our powers of thought. The Bible itself is written in a style so condensed as to require much intense study. I do not pretend to so explain theology as to dispense with the labor of thinking. I have no ability and no wish to do so.” — Charles G. Finney

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  1. Adam Gravley says:

    Mr. Doug Smith,
    I would like to speak with you regarding a matter I’ve been researching. I live in Murfreesboro, TN and was very excited to find your blog. I find your views on the bible to be as close to my beliefs as anyone I’ve found aside from Hank Hanegraaff. If that would be possible, please contact me at your convenience.
    Best to you,
    Adam Gravley

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