Warren Prestidge

Warren Prestidge (M.A., B.D. Hons) is a Baptist pastor. His first degree was in English and he has taught at Auckland University and at secondary school. Since 1981, he has pastored churches in Auckland and also lectured for the Bible College of New Zealand and Tyndale College. For two years he directed a Bible College in the Philippines. He authored Life, Death and Destiny. Warren’s wife Jackie, is a mathematics teacher. Warren and Jackie have three adult sons.

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  1. Mike Owens says:

    Warren – Thank you for your excellent website. My new book, which is featured on the Home Page of Chris Dates RETHINKING HELL site, has a recommendation for my readers to check out your ministry.
    I wanted to let you know that the 10th Chapter of my book is a full endorsement of conditional immortality. One thing about the book that you might find interesting is that it is an easy way to introduce someone to conditionalism without giving them a book focused on that subject alone.
    If you should decide to review it, I would be thrilled.
    Mike Owens

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