From the Archives

Town Hall Lectures: Delivered in the Town Hall, Auckland 1912

Science and the Bible: Are They in Conflict? by Geo Aldridge ( Editor of  ” The Bible Standard”)

Heaven and Hell : 1912 June 9th Man and the Hereafter (thanks to Andrew for providing this scan)

Anti-Rationalistic Lectures Delivered at East Street Mission Hall, Auckland:

No. 1 Is Jesus Christ an Historical Personage? By Geo Aldridge

No. 3 Is Christianity Indebted to Heathen Mythology?  by Geo. Aldridge

No. 4 The Bible Testimony to Miracles by Geo Aldridge

No. 6 The Atonement by Geo Aldridge

No. 7 The Historical Accuracy of the Bible by Geo Aldridge

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