Edward Fudge on the Eric Metaxas Show

Edward Fudge writes

Recently I was invited to be the guest for an hour on the Eric Metaxas radio talk show, broadcast nationwide.
The interview aired yesterday, Wednesday, April 19, in the second hour.

Eric was kind, courteous, and sincerely interested in the topic. He was also well-prepared, asked me about Hell and Mr. Fudge movie, and apparently had read rather broadly on the topic. He treated me withrespect and presented himself as a humble lover of truth throughout. He is an Ivy-League scholar, and a top-notch biographer himself (Bonhoeffer, Luther, and others). It was an honor and a pleasure to converse with him. The podcast demonstrates God’s strength in my weakness and reminds us that though the outer man perishes, the inner man is being renewed day by day.

The podcast of that conversation may be heard at:


or listen below:


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Tarnya Burge is the webmaster for www.afterlife.co.nz. She is  on the editorial team for From Death to Life. Her late husband David Burge and Tarnya have 8 children. She is a self-confessed geek who feels that knowing some theology helps her know God better.

They all say `the ordinary reader does not want Theology; give him plain practical religion’. I have rejected their advice. I do not think the ordinary reader is such a fool. Theology means ‘the science of God,’ and I think any man who wants to think about God at all would like to have the clearest and most accurate ideas about Him which are available. From “Mere Christianity” C S Lewis

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