The Golden Verse of Biblical Anthropology

Today’s post today from David Burge. This was written many months ago but recently published in the latest edition of the Maranatha  Devotions which  celebrates 150 years of the Advent Christian denomination. Genesis 2:7 Today’s Scripture teaches the following truths: that Adam was moulded out of the ground around him (notice that the creature that God formed […]

From the President’s Desk FDTL Iss 7, 1997

Matthew’s account of the death of Jesus is peculiar in that it alone records the opening of the graves at Christ’s death and the raising of many sleeping saints along with the Lord at his resurrection ( Matthew 27:50-54). The raising of certain dead ones is given as one of three happenings that follow the […]

The Importance of Hope

FDTL Iss 6 1997 In order for anyone to live life to the full it is essential to have hope. For the Christian, hope is seizing the promise of life and salvation. We wait for the blessed hope of the appearing of our great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ (Titus 2:13). Our hope is secure […]

Where is Hell?

Where is hell? The most popular suggestion is that it is at the centre of the earth. (It certainly is hot down there). According to wikipedia: It’s in Norway. Hell is a village in Stjørdal, Norway with a population of 352. It has become a minor tourist attraction because of its name, since people like […]

Review of Body Soul and Human life : The Nature of Humanity in the Bible by Joel B. Green

Joel B. Green (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is now professor of New Testament interpretation at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, after teaching at Asbury Theological Seminary for ten years, serving as vice president of academic affairs and provost. He is the author and / or editor of a number of books, including Dictionary of […]

Rejoicing in Our Sufferings

First published in From Death to Life Issue 45 Beryl Ching, in her article on the resurrection in Acts, mentions a time when Peter and the other Apostles were called before the Sanhedrin to give account for their witness to the resurrection. The upshot of it all was that they were flogged and then let […]

From The President’s Desk Iss 5 1996

The Old Testament celebrates life. Life is an unqualified good, a gift from God ( Gen 2:7). Wisdom holds in her left hand wealth and honour, but in her right hand long life ( Proverbs 3:16). All that one has one will give for one’s life ( Job 2:4). “Anyone who is among the living […]

Book Review Rethinking Human Nature

Book Review Rethinking Human Nature: A Christian Materialist Alternative to the Soul by Kevin J. Corcoran. FDTL Iss 31 Kevin J. Corcoran begins what is a philosophical book with a very personal reflection: “In 1968 I lost my father to cancer,” Corcoran recalls. “I was four years old. I can still remember the funeral home. […]

A Summary and a Review Of What About The Soul?

What About The Soul? : Neuroscience and Christian Anthropology Edited By Joel B. Green. Modern neurological research is challenging the traditional concept of a “soul” or a “spirit” separable and distinct from the body and/or the mind. In light of these discoveries, this book explores such fundamental questions as, Who am I? What am I […]

Twisted Scripture: Hebrews 12:23

A reader writes Dear Mr. Burge, Could you help me understand a difficult text. I am a conditionalist like you, but I am having a really tough time making sense of Heb 12:23, specifically, the reference in that verse to “spirits of righteous men made perfect.” I have consulted many commentaries, but they all explain […]