From Death to Life Issue 73 June 2017

From Death to Life Issue 73 June 2017 is available online now. You can read it below or by downloading the full pdf linked: From Death to Life Issue 72 March 2017   Related posts: No related posts.

Edward Fudge on the Eric Metaxas Show

Edward Fudge writes Recently I was invited to be the guest for an hour on the Eric Metaxas radio talk show, broadcast nationwide. The interview aired yesterday, Wednesday, April 19, in the second hour. Eric was kind, courteous, and sincerely interested in the topic. He was also well-prepared, asked me about Hell and Mr. Fudge movie, and […]

Neuroscience and Religion

I only just found this video, (a lecture from 2008). The topic is very technical but I think Malcolm Jeeves makes a fantastic job of making the topic available to us as members of  the general public. To pique your interest, here is a quote The accumulating evidence from neuropsychology makes it extremely difficult to maintain […]

Joshua Parikh

Joshua Parikh is a student studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University. Despite his reservations, Josh changed his mind from traditionalism to annihilationism after seeing the overwhelming Biblical case for it and the philosophical sense that it makes. His interests include apologetics, reading and veganism. Read Joshua’s archives Related posts: No related posts.

Video from the Rethinking Hell Conference 2015

Allison Quient – Justification and Life for All? A Response to Universalist Exegesis of Rom 5:12-21 Laura Robinson – Hell Is For Christians? Eternal Judgment as a Unique Emphasis in Matthew Peter Hiett – How One Biblical Annihilationist Became a Biblical Universalist Daniel Sinclair – A Philosophical Case for Conditional Immortality (Slides and Audio) Greg […]

From Death to Life Issue 56

The latest issue of our magazine, From Death To Life, Issue 56, MARCH 2013 is available online now. Related posts: No related posts.

Rethinking Life After Death: The Resurrection NT Wright

Lots of controversial thoughts in the following video. My thoughts below. Please leave a comment. Note N T Wright does not embrace conditional immortality but he does challenge Christians to rethink much of the traditional views of the afterlife. I have read most of NT Wright’s Surprised by Hope. He asks us to rethink ” Heaven, […]

Around the web December 2012 and January 2013

Lots of wonderful posts  and the podcast at  Rethinking Hell From the blogsphere Immortality Reconsidered What the conditionalist view of hell is not Some thoughts on hell And I really appreciated this post, which addresses the issue that if hell is not eternal conscious torment why bother telling people about Jesus? Christianity is not built […]

The Parable of the Rich man and Lazarus

You can listen to  Matthew Flannagan’s sermon on the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus : Luke 16:19-31 The Parable of  Rich Man and Lazarus – Matt Flannagan Matt tells how The Rich Man and Lazarus challenges us to think about what we do know and how we respond to it. The rich man saw […]

The meaning of appollumi (ἀπόλλυμι)

Bill Mounce, NT Greek Scholar, noted on his blog an increase interest in the words and grammar related to the afterlife. “I have been receiving requests lately about words and grammar that all relate to the issue of annihilationism and potentially universalism. I don’t know if these connections are explicit in the mind of the […]