Purging the Kingdom: Jesus’ Interpretation of the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares in Matthew 13

By James D. Gallé (Final Revisions 10 March 2014) Prior to entering our discussion about the parable of the wheat and the tares, I believe a word needs to be said regarding the phrase that occurs toward the end of Jesus’ explanation of the parable to his disciples:”In that place there will be weeping and […]

An Overview of Final Judgement in Matthew’s Gospel

When arguing for their perspective of final judgement in Matthew’s gospel, advocates of the conventional view of endless conscious torment (ECT) will typically argue in the following manner:  Matthew 25:41,46 teaches the endless conscious torment of the finally unrepentant.  Therefore, Matthew 10:28 cannot teach annihilationism. What if we (annihilationists) were to reverse the argument?  Matthew […]

Is Hell Eternal Torment ?

5 Questions Advocates of the Conventional View of Final Punishment Must Answer. What follows below are five questions that I believe advocates of the conventional view of final punishment as everlasting conscious torment need to seriously address before any headway can be made in the “traditionalist”-annihilationist dialogue:  What is the ultimate penalty or end result […]

Revelation 22:14,15 & the Fate of the Wicked

The Fate of the Wicked Immortality: The Tree of Life in the Apocalypse & Genesis Does the author of Revelation (John of Patmos1 ) conceive of unrighteous humanity suffering eternally (or “to the ages of ages”; cf. 20:102 )?  Does John believe the lost will be rendered immortal?  Those who adhere to the traditional belief of […]