How Conditional Immortality Succeeds

Peter Grice of Rethinking Hell gives a survey of major biblical themes and their connection to conditional immortality. Once this doctrine is revealed as a foundational theme in its own right, bringing significant clarity and unity to the Christian message, the presentation will move into a discussion of its relative success and critical importance at […]

Abraham’s Refusal

Is the story of the rich man and Lazarus found in Luke 16 an eyewitness account of Hades? Many think so. But in reality, as vivid and disturbing as the details of the rich man’s torments are, none of the characters in the story were permitted a leave of absence so they could tell the […]

The sky God is supreme

In modern Hebrew, if you want to express the idea of planet earth as a substantive, you would say kadoor ha-arets. If you wanted to convey the idea of earth as ground, you would use karka`, not erets alone. If you use erets alone, your meaning is land: land in general, or land in the […]

Hell No! | Part 3 – Paul and Hell

[An extract from the latest book “Hell No!” by Michael Bieleski] { Hell No! (Part 2 – Paul and Hell) click here } To clarify these issues and explain Paul’s teaching, it is necessary to consider what happens to those who are promised everlasting life. To have everlasting life means that the believer is no longer subject to […]

How my father taught me to forgive | Republished from gracEmail® by Edward Fudge

First published on gracEmail 19th June 2016 Today is Father’s Day in the United States, and since neither the biological offspring (the child) nor the generating parent (the father) chooses the other, a positive father-child relationship is the product of both divine grace and human effort. I had a good but imperfect father by the […]

a coming kingdom

Many believers today want to help their unchristian friends make a decision to follow Jesus Christ. But, how do they do that? They will be tempted to just say the same thing that someone said to them. But what if they were led to Christ by the wrong method? Sure, their faith is genuine, and […]

How Conditional Immortality Succeeds (Part 1)

(Companion article series to presentation at CIANZ Conference 2016 entitled – How Conditional Immortality Succeeds) The shape of global Christianity is changing. For decades, its longstanding influence upon Western culture has been in sharp decline, and now we have entered the so-called “post-Christian” era. Christianity used to be part of the cultural furniture. Non-Christians understood […]

Hell No! | Part 2 – Paul and Hell

[An extract from the latest book “Hell No!” by Michael Bieleski] { Hell No! (Part 1 – Introduction) click here } { Hell No! (Part 3 – Paul and Hell) click here } Paul used to be called Saul and he lived around the time of Jesus Christ. He was an enthusiastic Pharisee, who along with the Sadducees, […]

rescuing the text

In a previous article, I examined all the instances of the Hebrew words shamayim and erets in Genesis one. I found that these words are translated variously in the different popular English versions, and their renderings almost invariably reflect a cosmology that is not at all implicit in the text itself.  I concluded that we […]

Q & A: resurrection chronology

          In a recent devotional posted on my devotions blog, I shared thoughts based on 1 Corinthians 15:23-25. Here is the content of that post: ———————————————————————- 1 Corinthians 15:23-25 1Co 15:23 But each crop will be harvested in its own order: Christ, the first harvest, then the ones to be harvested […]