Life Death and Destiny | ETERNAL DESTRUCTION (Part 1)

eternal misery

(From Chapter Seven (Part 1A – The Final State): The Judgment of God from Life, Death and Destiny) { The Final State (Part 3C) click here } ETERNAL DESTRUCTION In the Bible, the final state of those who reject God is described in a variety of ways. However, all of these amount to the same thing in the end: […]

The End of the Wicked (Part 4)


{An extract from Chapter 7, from  A Biblical Anthropology by Michael Bieleski.} { The End of the Wicked (Part 3) click here } The End of the Wicked In Luke 13, Jesus noted the deaths of two groups of people. One was through the actions of the authorities and the other possibly through an accident. In both […]

three Solomons


One of the keys to interpreting the wisdom literature of the Old Testament is to understand the authors as growing more wise and godly through the stages of their lives. The wisdom books “depict the formation of character as an interactive process through time.”1 This is most clearly seen by comparing the three books attributed […]

How to Teach Children about Hell


  Republished with permission from How to teach children about hell written by Doug Barry author of What are your thoughts about talking with children about hell?   When dealing with children, it goes without saying that the topic of hell (the fate of the lost) needs to eventually come up. However, it also has […]

An exegesis of John 3

kenilworth castle

There is a beauty in familiar verses, in their timeless value, universal acceptance and continued reaffirmation. But such verses are risky: that the over familiarity that we may display actually undercut our ability to interpret these passages properly and fully. Herein I aim to exegete John 3, which contains perhaps the most well-known of all […]


we will be like him

Oh, to live forever! Do you ever long for that? It’s a grandiose wish, all right, and certainly not unqualified or without reservations. We would not want any pain, for example, should we somehow manage to live forever. Most of us have experienced pain here; we clearly have no appetite for any more. An unending […]

Guidance through the dark times


Mark 5:35-39 35 While he was still speaking, some people came from the leader’s house saying, “Your daughter is dead. Why still annoy the teacher?” 36 But overhearing what they said, Jesus said to the leader of the synagogue, “Do not be afraid, just trust me.” 37 He allowed no one to follow him except […]

Vanity or Resurrection?

martha and lazarus

Recently, an evangelical pastor wrote an article on death after the loss of a loved one. It’s not important to identify this particular pastor, seeing as he didn’t say anything unusual. His article could just as easily have been written by any number of clergy from any number of denominations. Also, interacting oppositionally with a […]

Did God issue a garbled threat?

Adam & Eve Sent Away

One day, during a phone call to a jeweller, a customer service employee and myself were trying to determine if my son’s school ring would arrive on time. It was obvious that the manager was hovering over her employee’s shoulder; like all good managers, she was trying to smooth out any glitches in their procedures. […]

Neuroscience and Religion

Professor Malcom Jeeves

I only just found this video, (a lecture from 2008). The topic is very technical but I think Malcolm Jeeves makes a fantastic job of making the topic available to us as members of  the general public. To pique your interest, here is a quote The accumulating evidence from neuropsychology makes it extremely difficult to maintain […]