How Important Is Conditional Immortality?

Introduction to how important is conditional immortality In discussing any topic (theological or otherwise) in a presentation of this sort, and of this length, certain assumptions must be made. (If this were a paper in the field of mathematics, these assumptions might be called “postulates” — in the field of jurisprudence, they are known as […]

attention, witnesses!

In his commentary on Isaiah 1-39, Marvin A Sweeney explains the purpose of the call to attention formula as it appears in the writings of the Old Testament. “The CALL TO ATTENTION formula is a typical means for a public presentation or address and functions in a variety of contexts. Here it is addressed to […]

Hell No! | Part 7(a) – Hell in the Old Testament

{An extract from  “Hell No!” by Michael Bieleski} { Hell No! (Part 6(b) – Hell and the Garden) click here } Hell in the Old Testament The Old Testament was consistently concerned with the mortality of man. The death of man was generally seen as the complete end of his existence. There was no teaching […]

From Death to Life Issue 72

From Death to Life Issue 72 March 2017  is available online now. You can read it below or by downloading the full pdf linked: From Death to Life Issue 72 March 2017 [gview file=””]                     Related posts: No related posts.

wading through the “simplicity”

My last hike with my wife turned out to be a bit of a struggle. We waded through tall grass that tended to cling to our legs and slowed us down.  We had planned on a short day hike, but did not expect to have to fight for each step. That hike reminds me of […]

Hell No! | Part 6(b) – Hell and the Garden

[An extract from the latest book “Hell No!” by Michael Bieleski] { Hell No! (Part 6(a) – Hell and the Garden) click here } { Hell No! (Part 7(a) – Hell in the Old Testament) click here } There are certain passages that have been used to support the idea of an immortal soul. Amongst these […]

Tough times and Christian discipleship

People who dare to call themselves disciples of Christ believe that God loves them, and that God has (to cite one of the “spiritual laws”) a wonderful plan for their lives. But, back here on planet reality, it does not always seem that way. Sometimes despite our faith in God’s love and his plan, our […]

Tough times and Christian faith

Tough times have a way of changing us, and not always for the better.  One of the reasons I decided to write this series of articles is I just needed to remind myself why Christians go through tough times. I know that the Bible gives some good answers to that question, but when you are […]

Hell No! | Part 6(a) – Hell and the Garden

[An extract from the latest book “Hell No!” by Michael Bieleski] { Hell No! (Part 5(c) – What did Jesus say?) click here } { Hell No! (Part 6(b) – Hell and the Garden) click here } For some, man is considered an immortal being. This means that he was created with an immortal soul […]

why conditionalism matters – exposing the lie

We are living in the age of the photo-post and video-byte.  Newspapers and books seem to be dying out, because nobody wants to investigate ideas anymore. People are interested in promoting their side of an argument, but not in wrestling over the details of discussion to find the actual truth. The apostle Paul struggled with […]