the collector reflects on human nature

In chapter seven of Ecclesiastes, Solomon takes a good long look at human nature. What he finds matches what we read elsewhere in the Bible: humanity was created sinless and flawless, but we are not there anymore. Instead, we each manifest imperfection and depravity. Yet, instead of owning up to that reality, we seem to […]


There is considerable discussion these days about the nature of hell. Indeed, I have done my share to stir this discussion and also to participate in it. But there also are practical questions we all need to ask, whatever we think hell will be like. What is the point of hell anyway? Whom does Jesus […]

When did our souls come into being?

A review of Pre-existentialism, Traducianism and Creationism Have you ever wondered, when did our souls come into being and how they got here? If the amount of literature devoted to the subject is any indicator, not too many Christians contemplate this question in any degree of depth. Of course, most Christians today would affirm that […]

Five questions to ask while reading the rich man and Lazarus story

off target Five questions to ask while reading the rich man and Lazarus story. I love the story of the rich man and Lazarus, but not for the same reason that many others do. It is a story that we can all easily picture. We see a fat rich man, clothed in a purple robe, […]

the collector reflects on the rat race

In chapter six of Ecclesiastes, Solomon invites us to examine what people normally pursue with their lives. As an old man, he can testify that the rat race does not have a winner. There are no gold medals or trophies for those who pursue temporary things, and it is all temporary. Ecclesiastes 6 1 There […]

the collector reflects on work

Solomon’s brutally honest assessment of life in general in Ecclesiastes chapter four leads to an equally brutally honest assessment of his own achievements as king in chapter five. He had been a workaholic, and as king, that meant he was busy not only with his own business, but with everyone else’s business as well. As […]

the collector reflects on life

Nothing lasts, not even us. That is the precise summary of the collector’s reflections on time (in chapter three). By saying this, Solomon pretty much destroyed the basic foundation of every philosophy and religion on the planet. After chapter three, he leaves us asking whether life is worth living or not. This is the subject […]

Life Death and Destiny | ETERNAL DESTRUCTION (Part 2)

(From Chapter Seven (Part 1A – The Final State): The Judgment of God from Life, Death and Destiny) { Eternal Destruction (Part 1) click here } ETERNAL DESTRUCTION What Jesus accomplished on the cross was “a sacrifice of atonement for the sins of the people”.1 And this was through His death “once for all”,2 certainly not through any committal […]

The End of the Wicked (Part 5)

{An extract from Chapter 7, from  A Biblical Anthropology by Michael Bieleski.} { The End of the Wicked (Part 4) click here } The End of the Wicked Whatever the metaphysical state of the wicked dead in their resurrection, they are certainly not the possessors of a new imperishable body. The incorruptible nature of the resurrection body […]

Jesus’ personal prize and inheritance

A gracEmail subscriber writes: “The author of Hebrews says that Jesus “for the joy that was set before him endured the cross” (Heb. 12:2). What is that joy? Paul prayed for his converts to know “the riches of [God’s] glorious inheritance in the saints” (Eph. 1:18). Is this saying what it sounds like? Are the […]