Hell No! | Part 5(b) – What did Jesus say?

[An extract from the latest book “Hell No!” by Michael Bieleski] { Hell No! (Part 5(a) – What did Jesus say?) click here } The idea of Gehenna as a judgment of destruction is confirmed by Jesus’ parable of the Landowner. In this parable a certain landowner planted a vineyard and leased it to some vinedressers. […]

The legacy of Millerism

In this article, Jefferson Vann highlights some historians’ evaluations of the 19th century Millerite movement, and draws some possible implications for present day adherents to conditional immortality. There is no direct theological connection between the Millerite movement of the mid nineteenth century with conditional immortality. Yet, many of us who hold to conditionalism have connections […]

Hell No! | Part 5(a) – What did Jesus say?

[An extract from the latest book “Hell No!” by Michael Bieleski] { Hell No! (Part 4 – Paul and Hell) click here } { Hell No! (Part 5(b) – What did Jesus say?) click here } About 40 years after the resurrection of Christ, the Jews were trapped within the walls of Jerusalem as a determined Roman army lay […]

Eternity somewhere

John the Baptist had given his listeners a pretty good overview of the gospel message. His proclamation in the Judean wilderness had eight major components: God’s kingdom is coming down from the sky soon (Matthew 3:2). The world is not ready for that kingdom, so people must make it ready (Matthew 3:2-3; Mark 1:3; Luke […]

The sky above, the land beneath

A previous survey of the passages in Genesis and Exodus which contain the terms shamayim and erets together has shown that the simple rendering of “sky” for shamyim, and “land” for erets are the consistently correct translations for those words. In fact, none of the texts surveyed requires a meaning other than those simple meanings. […]

Who do people say…?

After years of friendship, two Bible scholars met to discuss their different views of Jesus. You and I are the beneficiaries of this discussion, because it has helped to clarify the belief of many Christians about who Jesus really was, and is. The book, The Meaning of Jesus,1 It can be a challenge to read, because […]

From Death to Life Issue 70

From Death to Life Issue 70 September 2016 is available online now. You can read it below or by downloading the full pdf linked: From Death to Life Issue 70 September 2016 [gview file=”http://www.afterlife.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/FDTL.70.Sept-2016-website.pdf”]                     Related posts: No related posts.

Hell No! | Part 4 – Paul and Hell

[An extract from the latest book “Hell No!” by Michael Bieleski] { Hell No! (Part 3 – Paul and Hell) click here } { Hell No! (Part 5a – Paul and Hell) click here } There was no evidence in Paul’s teaching that suggested that he believed that man naturally survived death as a disembodied entity that waits for […]

Are there degrees of hell?

Even among those who believe in conditional immortality, some say the New Testament teaches that there will be degrees of suffering in hell throughout eternity. In the traditional vision of hell as a torture chamber of fire and sulphur, you could think of some people being roasted at 500 degrees Celsius, while others are merely blistering […]


First published on gracEmail 21st August 2016. A preacher spoke about Jesus’s parable of the sower (Matt. 13). Jay had two questions, which he asked his mother Marti. Marti was emailing my mother and casually mentioned Jay’s questions to her. Mom was writing to my wife Sara Faye and, by the way, asked her to […]