embarrassing lessons in ministry – part 2


There were other disciples of Christ besides the famous twelve, whom he called as apostles. Mark chapter nine gives us some insight into how the twelve viewed those others. They were tempted to treat them as competition. But Jesus gave them another embarrassing lesson in ministry by warning them not to do that. He knew […]

embarrassing lessons in ministry – part 1


Mark’s Gospel as a whole serves as an excellent manual for ministry. But Mark 9:33-50 is especially suited to teach those who aspire to serve Christ. This section of the Gospel focuses on the relationship of the twelve apostles of Jesus with other followers of Jesus. The apostles learned the lessons described in this section […]


sleep of the dead

A gracEmail subscriber asks about the Bible’s frequent reference to the dead as “sleeping” and a different subscriber asks if death does not involve separation of body and spirit. * * * Indeed, death involves the separation of body and spirit but a word of caution is in order. “Spirit” (from Latin, spiritus) is ruach […]

The End of the Wicked (Part 3)

gehenna | fire of hell ?

{An extract from Chapter 7, from  A Biblical Anthropology by Michael Bieleski.} { The End of the Wicked (Part 2) click here } The End of the Wicked The language of Scripture is constantly regular in its expectation of the fate for the wicked. “Through the wrath of the LORD of hosts the land is scorched, and […]

The Clarity of Scripture and Conditionalism


In critiquing the traditional view of hell, as eternal conscious torment, conditionalists often reject it for failing to take into account the “face value” reading of Scripture. Instead of interpreting the passages referring to final punishment in light of these presuppositions, the conditionalist simply wishes to read them as to meaning what they say- when […]

The Antidote of Life: Durable and True

Communion cup

The phrase ‘antidote of life’ leapt off the page,  even though it was couched in a text dealing with the fate of the unrepentant. The phrase was as a sharp point of light in the gloom. Irenaeus was quick to identify its source and substance: Jesus Christ. “But, being ignorant of Him who from the […]

ending it all


She was concerned. She knew her mother was working as a nurse at a hospital, some thirty minutes’ drive away. But her elderly retired father had not answered her calls, and she knew he was supposed to be home. She finally drove to her parents’ home. She knew something was wrong when she found the […]

Charles Spurgeon and Hell

Charles Spurgeon.cropped

Please hear my humility whispering through the words I’m about to write. Adopting conditionalism has altered my view of judgement passages. Before conditionalism, the concept of hell was so horrible that the details were usually left unattended in a shroud of smoke. Hell was awful and analyzing the details was inviting misery. That has changed. […]

it’s like a box of chocolates

gift of life

I conclude this audio series with some thoughts about the limits of life, and a brief summary statement.           It’s like a box of chocolates If you are ever inclined to be philosophical, try an internet search for quotes that begin with the words “life is…” Some of my favourites are: […]

Orthodoxy and annihilationism: a response to John Piper

John Piper Oct 2010  Photo Source - Wikipedia

John Piper is a divisive figure – while his love of scripture, his continued faithful preaching of Christian hedonism, that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him, and his faithfulness and conviction throughout decades of ministry have been an immeasurable service to the Church, he can sometimes be overly […]