Who do people say…?

After years of friendship, two Bible scholars met to discuss their different views of Jesus. You and I are the beneficiaries of this discussion, because it has helped to clarify the belief of many Christians about who Jesus really was, and is. The book, The Meaning of Jesus,1 It can be a challenge to read, because […]

a futile quest?

I really do not think I have been wasting my time, but you be the judge. I have just read a 320 page book on immortality by a person who does not believe in it. The book is called Immortality: The Quest to Live Forever and How it drives Civilization by Stephen Cave.1 The book is […]

Review of “First Doctrine” | Conditional Immortality

Reviews are normally shared to notify the interested public of new and potentially important publications, particularly relating to certain fields of interest.  One of the unfortunate aspects of that fact is that often some of the more important and relevant works are already published long before the reviewer is born.  Also, newer works may not […]

Review of Neighbor To The Nations by Ronald A. Murch

Reviewed by Jefferson Vann Ron Murch has given readers a great gift in this short biography of Dr. Fred L. Piper.  Piper was a pastor, author, educator and poet, but it was a short term missions trip to Jamaica that proved the highlight of this man’s life.  His passion for reaching the lost with the […]

Erasing Hell Review by Jefferson Vann

Review of Erasing Hell by Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle  (Colorado Springs:, Colorado: David C. Cook, 2011) Kindle edition. {September 2012 – You might like to listen to Preston Sprinkle discussing Hell on: RethinkingHell.com } Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle have joined forces to produce a contemporary book on hell that speaks to the hearts of today’s […]

Review of Earth’s Final Dawn by Clinton E. Taber.

The subtitle of Clint Taber’s new book Earth’s Final Dawn 1 is “understanding this age in view of the coming new age.”  It is a systematic eschatology with numerous practical insights.  Taber believes that “life has no meaning without destiny” (43).  The destiny he envisions is the restoration of Edenic Paradise for eternity, cleansed of all […]

Book Review of The Tree of Life: A Biblical Study of Immortality & New Creation by Paul Sellman © 2010, Outskirts Press, Inc.

Reviewed by Jefferson Vann Pastor Paul Sellman has produced a significant study in biblical theology for the modern context. Much like John Stott and Edward Fudge, Sellman came to his study of the issues of life, death and destiny convinced that people go to their rewards at death. His study of the scriptures has revealed […]

Sleeping In the Dust By Jonathan Burke

A Review by Jefferson Vann Jonathan Burke sets a high standard for himself in his recent book, Sleeping in the Dust. Burke is a Christadelphian. He writes from the standpoint of a conditionalist, and argues that the view that human beings are born naturally immortal has always had its dissenters among the ranks of Bible […]

Hell Under Fire Part 3

Part 1 of a review of Hell under Fire Part 2 of a review of Hell under Fire A more serious weakness in the approach of contributors to Hell Under Fire is that they approach the Bible with this question is view: What does the Bible – the Old Testament, Jesus, Paul, the Book of […]

Bell’s Base Cards | Review of Love Wins by Rob Bell

Rob Bell does a masterful job of shaking the foundations of the modern theology of human destiny in his new book entitled Love Wins.1  He exposes the fact that much of what people say about salvation and human destiny is not based on the Bible, therefore does not hold up to the scrutiny of direct questioning. […]