Afterlife thanks the following contributors (past and present).

John Roller

John is Pastor of First Advent Christian Church, in Hickory, North Carolina, USA. You can find him at He was the guest at the Rethinking Hell Podcast: Episode 45: Immortality in the Early Church, with John Roller (Part 1) Episode 46: Immortality in the Early Church, with John Roller (Part 2) as well as a guest […]

Peter Grice

Peter Grice is the founder of Rethinking Hell and Rethinking Heaven, and a director of the Foundation for Evangelical Dialogue. An author and speaker in the areas of Christian apologetics, worldview, and biblical eschatology. Peter has contributed to the books True Reason: Confronting the Irrationality of the New Atheism (Kregel 2013), Rethinking Hell!: Readings in […]

Joshua Parikh

Joshua Parikh is a student studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University. Despite his reservations, Josh changed his mind from traditionalism to annihilationism after seeing the overwhelming Biblical case for it and the philosophical sense that it makes. His interests include apologetics, reading and veganism. Read Joshua’s archives Related posts: No related posts.


Lerman is a theologically curious guy from the pews, who admits conditionalism has had a simplifying effect. Married to his high school sweetheart, they have a son and a daughter. Read Lerman’s archives Related posts: No related posts.

Michael Bieleski

Michael Bieleski has been Principal of a Primary School, Presbyterian Elder, Pastor of an Elim Church, Daily Bible Quotes contributor for a local paper and has worked for Youth with a Mission in Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Theology with the New Covenant International University, Florida. He authored “A Biblical Anthropology”. He has a […]

James D. Gallé

James D. Gallé considers himself an Arminian annihilationist. “My theology is under progress (and has been for nearly a decade) as he comes to see Jesus Christ as the focal point of theology.  The character of God as revealed in Christ is the lens I want to use in order to understand Scripture and God […]

Warren Prestidge

Warren Prestidge (M.A., B.D. Hons) is a Baptist pastor. His first degree was in English and he has taught at Auckland University and at secondary school. Since 1981, he has pastored churches in Auckland and also lectured for the Bible College of New Zealand and Tyndale College. For two years he directed a Bible College […]

Doug Smith

Doug Smith is a grateful follower of Christ and an avid Bible student who is willing to believe the Bible, even when it contradicts tradition. He was mentored by Dr. Timothy Barnett in the study of the Scriptures, including conditional immortality. Doug writes on these and related subjects at He is blessed by his […]

Jefferson Vann

Jefferson Vann and his wife Penny, are  working part-time with ACCONZ and part-time with Advent Christian General Conference as global trainers, and Asia Pacific Area Directors. “My hope is that everyone who reads this blog will have an opportunity to understand the gospel, and will know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.” You can read more of Jeff’s […]

Dr. Glenn Andrew Peoples

Dr. Glenn Peoples runs Right Reason, a popular blog and podcast on philosophy, theology and social issues. You can also find him at Rethinking Hell Read Glenn’s archives on Afterlife Related posts: No related posts.