Afterlife thanks the following contributors (past and present).

Armand Newrick

Armand Newrick has had a keen interest in theology since his teenage conversion  and came to the conditionalist position about eight years into his walk with the Lord. He is married to Suzanne and they have two children Daniel and Emma. Read Armand’s Archives Related posts: No related posts.

David Burge

David Burge was the Editor of From Death to Life for 6 years and the chairperson of the Conditional Immortality Association of NZ from 1993 until his death in 2010 from Leukemia. “He was a genuine leader, a gifted, enterprising, focused and humble person who could be relied upon to make the most of his […]

Tarnya Burge Wessels

Tarnya Burge Wessels is the webmaster for She is  on the editorial team for From Death to Life. Her late husband is David Burge. She is happily remarried and has 8 children. She is a self confessed geek who feels that knowing some  theology helps her know God better. “They all say `the ordinary reader […]

Beryl Ching

Beryl Ching, spent over 40 years on the mission field in India. Returning to New Zealand to “retire”, Beryl was for a long time secretary of the Conditional Immortality Association. ‘Resurrection as Revealed in the Old Testament and Confirmed in the New testament’ is the full title of her Thesis presented to the Faculty of […]

Edward Fudge

From time to time we republish gracEmail (a  free, weekday, e-mail ministry of Edward Fudge.) Gracemail is free to reprint, redistribute or otherwise republish on the condition that gracEmail is giving proper credit and not for financial profit. We would encourage you to visit Edward’s website at and consider subscribing:  Gracemail. Edward Fudge visited New Zealand in 2000 which […]