Edward Fudge on the Eric Metaxas Show

Edward Fudge writes Recently I was invited to be the guest for an hour on the Eric Metaxas radio talk show, broadcast nationwide. The interview aired yesterday, Wednesday, April 19, in the second hour. Eric was kind, courteous, and sincerely interested in the topic. He was also well-prepared, asked me about Hell and Mr. Fudge movie, and […]

How Conditional Immortality Succeeds

Peter Grice of Rethinking Hell gives a survey of major biblical themes and their connection to conditional immortality. Once this doctrine is revealed as a foundational theme in its own right, bringing significant clarity and unity to the Christian message, the presentation will move into a discussion of its relative success and critical importance at […]

Neuroscience and Religion

I only just found this video, (a lecture from 2008). The topic is very technical but I think Malcolm Jeeves makes a fantastic job of making the topic available to us as members of  the general public. To pique your interest, here is a quote The accumulating evidence from neuropsychology makes it extremely difficult to maintain […]

it’s like a box of chocolates

I conclude this audio series with some thoughts about the limits of life, and a brief summary statement.           It’s like a box of chocolates If you are ever inclined to be philosophical, try an internet search for quotes that begin with the words “life is…” Some of my favourites are: […]

a resurrection perspective

In this audio file, I talk about what Paul David Tripp calls “eternity amnesia” — and its cure — a resurrection perspective.         A resurrection perspective Paul David Tripp calls it “eternity amnesia.” It is people living with no hope for the future. They live for today because they think today is […]

wrong about hell

In this audio file, I respond to those who assert that conditionalists are wrong about hell.       Wrong about hell Today I want to respond to some of the criticisms we conditionalists get when we dare to assert that hell will eventually come to an end. The universalists say we are wrong about […]

the purpose of hell

In this audio file, I discuss what the final punishment is for, and what it is not for.           The purpose of hell I’m a little bit older now, and I’m glad for it. I enjoyed raising my three daughters, but I wouldn’t want to do it again. I am glad some […]

God’s mouse

In this audio file, I tell a funny story, and talk about a subject that is not funny: God’s wrath.           God’s mouse It’s a story I heard many times while a missionary in the Philippines. It goes like this: There was a visiting preacher who did not understand the Cebuano […]


In this audio file I compare three views of hell, and talk about the meaning of the Greek adjective aionios.       Everlasting There are basically three views of final punishment debated among Christians. Two groups believe that God has created everyone with immortal souls. One group believes that in hell, God will keep […]

in good hands

What does it mean to commit your spirit into God’s hands when you are dying?           In Good Hands Last session I mentioned that I had just come from a friend’s funeral, and the preacher watched his language and did not stray away from the Bible when he talked about my […]