Taking a Stand

(Devotions for CIANZ Conference 15/7/17 ) Reading: Acts 17:22-23, 28-34 “Taking a Stand.”  Today’s “Rethinking Hell” Conference is subtitled, “The Unfinished Business of the Reformation.”  It’s a great title and CIANZ is very grateful to Peter Grice, Chris Date and other speakers for bringing their papers today.  I hope we can all get to hear […]

Tough times and Christian discipleship

People who dare to call themselves disciples of Christ believe that God loves them, and that God has (to cite one of the “spiritual laws”) a wonderful plan for their lives. But, back here on planet reality, it does not always seem that way. Sometimes despite our faith in God’s love and his plan, our […]

Tough times and Christian faith

Tough times have a way of changing us, and not always for the better.  One of the reasons I decided to write this series of articles is I just needed to remind myself why Christians go through tough times. I know that the Bible gives some good answers to that question, but when you are […]

Tough times and Christian identity

I have experienced a series of unfortunate events in the past few months.  Bad things have happened one after another, and it has caused me to rethink my situation. Some of us are wondering whether our church is going to survive, as domino after domino keeps toppling.  Personally, I have had all kinds of bad […]

How my father taught me to forgive | Republished from gracEmail® by Edward Fudge

First published on gracEmail 19th June 2016 Today is Father’s Day in the United States, and since neither the biological offspring (the child) nor the generating parent (the father) chooses the other, a positive father-child relationship is the product of both divine grace and human effort. I had a good but imperfect father by the […]


“It is hard to celebrate Christ’s birth with joy when I read about Herod killing all the boy babies of Bethlehem. Can we find any beam of light shining through this horrible and senseless event?” * * * We could wish that Matthew’s Christmas story stopped with the Magi and the wondrous star, but it […]

How to Teach Children about Hell

  Republished with permission from How to teach children about hell written by Doug Barry author of  www.jewishnotgreek.com. What are your thoughts about talking with children about hell?   When dealing with children, it goes without saying that the topic of hell (the fate of the lost) needs to eventually come up. However, it also has […]

Guidance through the dark times

Mark 5:35-39 35 While he was still speaking, some people came from the leader’s house saying, “Your daughter is dead. Why still annoy the teacher?” 36 But overhearing what they said, Jesus said to the leader of the synagogue, “Do not be afraid, just trust me.” 37 He allowed no one to follow him except […]

The Antidote of Life: Durable and True

The phrase ‘antidote of life’ leapt off the page,  even though it was couched in a text dealing with the fate of the unrepentant. The phrase was as a sharp point of light in the gloom. Irenaeus was quick to identify its source and substance: Jesus Christ. “But, being ignorant of Him who from the […]

ending it all

She was concerned. She knew her mother was working as a nurse at a hospital, some thirty minutes’ drive away. But her elderly retired father had not answered her calls, and she knew he was supposed to be home. She finally drove to her parents’ home. She knew something was wrong when she found the […]