Should we modify conditional immortality?

In a recent article on the Advent Christian Voices blog,1 Corey McLaughlin examines conditionalists’ treatment of Revelation 20:7-10 and concludes that our exegesis of that text has been “poor”, and based on “logic stretched thin.” He suggests that our problem is that we are trying to make Revelation 20 say that the lake of fire […]

How Important Is Conditional Immortality?

Introduction to how important is conditional immortality In discussing any topic (theological or otherwise) in a presentation of this sort, and of this length, certain assumptions must be made. (If this were a paper in the field of mathematics, these assumptions might be called “postulates” — in the field of jurisprudence, they are known as […]

attention, witnesses!

In his commentary on Isaiah 1-39, Marvin A Sweeney explains the purpose of the call to attention formula as it appears in the writings of the Old Testament. “The CALL TO ATTENTION formula is a typical means for a public presentation or address and functions in a variety of contexts. Here it is addressed to […]

wading through the “simplicity”

My last hike with my wife turned out to be a bit of a struggle. We waded through tall grass that tended to cling to our legs and slowed us down.  We had planned on a short day hike, but did not expect to have to fight for each step. That hike reminds me of […]

why conditionalism matters – exposing the lie

We are living in the age of the photo-post and video-byte.  Newspapers and books seem to be dying out, because nobody wants to investigate ideas anymore. People are interested in promoting their side of an argument, but not in wrestling over the details of discussion to find the actual truth. The apostle Paul struggled with […]

Eternity somewhere

John the Baptist had given his listeners a pretty good overview of the gospel message. His proclamation in the Judean wilderness had eight major components: God’s kingdom is coming down from the sky soon (Matthew 3:2). The world is not ready for that kingdom, so people must make it ready (Matthew 3:2-3; Mark 1:3; Luke […]

The sky above, the land beneath

A previous survey of the passages in Genesis and Exodus which contain the terms shamayim and erets together has shown that the simple rendering of “sky” for shamyim, and “land” for erets are the consistently correct translations for those words. In fact, none of the texts surveyed requires a meaning other than those simple meanings. […]

Who do people say…?

After years of friendship, two Bible scholars met to discuss their different views of Jesus. You and I are the beneficiaries of this discussion, because it has helped to clarify the belief of many Christians about who Jesus really was, and is. The book, The Meaning of Jesus,1 It can be a challenge to read, because […]

Abraham’s Refusal

Is the story of the rich man and Lazarus found in Luke 16 an eyewitness account of Hades? Many think so. But in reality, as vivid and disturbing as the details of the rich man’s torments are, none of the characters in the story were permitted a leave of absence so they could tell the […]

a coming kingdom

Many believers today want to help their unchristian friends make a decision to follow Jesus Christ. But, how do they do that? They will be tempted to just say the same thing that someone said to them. But what if they were led to Christ by the wrong method? Sure, their faith is genuine, and […]