An exegesis of John 3

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There is a beauty in familiar verses, in their timeless value, universal acceptance and continued reaffirmation. But such verses are risky: that the over familiarity that we may display actually undercut our ability to interpret these passages properly and fully. Herein I aim to exegete John 3, which contains perhaps the most well-known of all […]

embarrassing lessons in ministry – part 3


Understanding the lessons of Mark 9:33-50 requires that we keep in mind the backdrop of that embarrassing question Jesus had asked the apostles. He had asked them what they had been arguing about on the road to Capernaum. This was an embarrassing question because they had been arguing over who was the greatest among them […]

embarrassing lessons in ministry – part 2


There were other disciples of Christ besides the famous twelve, whom he called as apostles. Mark chapter nine gives us some insight into how the twelve viewed those others. They were tempted to treat them as competition. But Jesus gave them another embarrassing lesson in ministry by warning them not to do that. He knew […]

Charles Spurgeon and Hell

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Please hear my humility whispering through the words I’m about to write. Adopting conditionalism has altered my view of judgement passages. Before conditionalism, the concept of hell was so horrible that the details were usually left unattended in a shroud of smoke. Hell was awful and analyzing the details was inviting misery. That has changed. […]

Orthodoxy and annihilationism: a response to John Piper

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John Piper is a divisive figure – while his love of scripture, his continued faithful preaching of Christian hedonism, that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him, and his faithfulness and conviction throughout decades of ministry have been an immeasurable service to the Church, he can sometimes be overly […]

CS Lewis and Annihilation

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I am a huge CS Lewis fan. From reading the wonderful Narnia Chronicles as a child (and then again this year) to the insight given by “The Screwtape Letters” and “The Weight of Glory”, to his central apologetic work “Mere Christianity”, I remain a great admirer of Lewis and a prolific reader of his work. […]

wrong about hell

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In this audio file, I respond to those who assert that conditionalists are wrong about hell.       Wrong about hell Today I want to respond to some of the criticisms we conditionalists get when we dare to assert that hell will eventually come to an end. The universalists say we are wrong about […]

the purpose of hell

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In this audio file, I discuss what the final punishment is for, and what it is not for.           The purpose of hell I’m a little bit older now, and I’m glad for it. I enjoyed raising my three daughters, but I wouldn’t want to do it again. I am glad some […]

God’s mouse

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In this audio file, I tell a funny story, and talk about a subject that is not funny: God’s wrath.           God’s mouse It’s a story I heard many times while a missionary in the Philippines. It goes like this: There was a visiting preacher who did not understand the Cebuano […]


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In this audio file I compare three views of hell, and talk about the meaning of the Greek adjective aionios.       Everlasting There are basically three views of final punishment debated among Christians. Two groups believe that God has created everyone with immortal souls. One group believes that in hell, God will keep […]