Articles about Conditional Immortality

What is conditional immortality ?Here is the archive of over 150 articles about conditional immortality:

Discussing  the belief that human beings are mortal, and can only receive immortality on the condition that God gives it to them as a gift through faith in Jesus Christ.

Should we modify conditional immortality?

In a recent article on the Advent Christian Voices blog,1 Corey McLaughlin examines conditionalists’ treatment of Revelation 20:7-10 and concludes that our exegesis of that text has been “poor”, and based on “logic stretched thin.” He suggests that our problem is that we are trying to make Revelation 20 say that the lake of fire […]

How Important Is Conditional Immortality?

Introduction to how important is conditional immortality In discussing any topic (theological or otherwise) in a presentation of this sort, and of this length, certain assumptions must be made. (If this were a paper in the field of mathematics, these assumptions might be called “postulates” — in the field of jurisprudence, they are known as […]

How Conditional Immortality Succeeds (Part 1)

(Companion article series to presentation at CIANZ Conference 2016 entitled – How Conditional Immortality Succeeds) The shape of global Christianity is changing. For decades, its longstanding influence upon Western culture has been in sharp decline, and now we have entered the so-called “post-Christian” era. Christianity used to be part of the cultural furniture. Non-Christians understood […]

The Clarity of Scripture and Conditionalism

In critiquing the traditional view of hell, as eternal conscious torment, conditionalists often reject it for failing to take into account the “face value” reading of Scripture. Instead of interpreting the passages referring to final punishment in light of these presuppositions, the conditionalist simply wishes to read them as to meaning what they say- when […]

Does Conditional Immortality Matter ?

Someone once asked me…. “Does it matter?” He was referring to conditional immortality. Is this an issue of personal preference or an essential and important doctrinal issue? Certainly, some are not happy with the concept of conditional immortality even though it is rapidly gaining interest amongst some evangelicals. To answer this question we have to […]

How to live like a Conditionalist

There are some problems inherent in asking about how we should live out the things we believe. First, we are not all going to come to the same conclusions about how our theology should be worked out practically. The fact that we affirm – more or less – the same theological truths does not mean […]

Preaching the Message of Conditional Immortality

I once came across a rather indignant and unhappy person denouncing the conditional immortality on a Youtube video. This response raises the question; what is wrong with the message of conditional immortality? According to the Bible, only God has immortality1 and Jesus came to grant immortality through the Gospel.2 In other words, man cannot expect to continue […]

throwing away the old tent

Like we did so many times before, my wife and I packed up our cheap, five dollar tent in my expensive backpack, and headed out for a day of tramping and camping. Our favourite place to do this is the Appalachian Trail, over 3,500 kilometres of amazing wilderness, from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount […]


“…his Bride has made herself ready…” (Rev. 19:7). Tomorrow will be a day of glorification for the saved. Our response to God’s grace will enable us to take our place as Christ’s eternal bride. We need to live ready for the return of Christ. The more we learn about our future as believers, the more […]

Destroyed from God’s Presence

St Paul’s description of the judgement of God in 2 Thessalonians 1:9 is another biblical reason to give up the traditional view of divine judgement and the eternal torments of hell. Back in 2007 my article “Fallacies in the Annihilationism Debate” was published in JETS (The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society). To be honest, […]