When did our souls come into being?

A review of Pre-existentialism, Traducianism and Creationism Have you ever wondered, when did our souls come into being and how they got here? If the amount of literature devoted to the subject is any indicator, not too many Christians contemplate this question in any degree of depth. Of course, most Christians today would affirm that […]

Did God issue a garbled threat?

One day, during a phone call to a jeweller, a customer service employee and myself were trying to determine if my son’s school ring would arrive on time. It was obvious that the manager was hovering over her employee’s shoulder; like all good managers, she was trying to smooth out any glitches in their procedures. […]


A gracEmail subscriber asks about the Bible’s frequent reference to the dead as “sleeping” and a different subscriber asks if death does not involve separation of body and spirit. * * * Indeed, death involves the separation of body and spirit but a word of caution is in order. “Spirit” (from Latin, spiritus) is ruach […]

What is our soul ?

Souls are on the way out. Not just in our culture or in science, where some Christians may suspect “naturalism” as the culprit, but souls are on the way out of our Bibles. This is because of the ways in which our translations are getting better at conveying what was originally intended. Related posts: soul […]

Is the Resurrection Necessary?

According to the New Testament, it’s the resurrection or nothing. There is no other way to have any existence after death. This means, among other things, that there is no conscious soul able to survive without a body. Every Christian who takes a stance on the mind-body issue is going to have to live with […]

coaching for the mission in Jewish Galilee | the harvest is plentiful

The prophet Isaiah had predicted that the northern territories, once the possession of the tribes of Zebulun and Naphtali, would have a special place in God’s messianic plan. This land of Galilee, so surrounded by Gentiles and Samaritans that it was called “Galilee of the nations” would be the first to see the Messiah.1 In their […]

soul searching | What is a soul?

I’m involved in a translation project now, which will take me a few years. As I go from text to text of scripture, it gives me opportunity to test my presuppositions about the meaning of certain words. One of those words is “soul.” What is a soul? I trust the Bible to give me an […]

Did Paul Have an Out of Body Experience?

Did Paul talk about leaving his body and going to the third heaven? Although I’m familiar with the view that the Apostle Paul is relating an “out-of-body experience” at the outset of 2 Corinthians 12, I’m pretty sure that he is not. That’s partly because I don’t think that Scripture teaches that we are immaterial […]

Jesus referred to two deaths

{ a discussion republished from the forum ( which is now being archived)} When Martha said she knew that her brother Lazarus would rise again on the last day (when Jesus went to wake him from “sleep” and said to her that her brother would rise again), Jesus said he was the resurrection and the […]

How we’re made colours everything

{ a question republished from the forum ( which is now being archived)} A sound understanding of our human constitution is so important. I would appreciate your thoughts on the following statement: Adam and Eve were created mortal; creation was not made in a suspended state of perfection; man is a living body, with a […]