the purpose of hell

In this audio file, I discuss what the final punishment is for, and what it is not for.           The purpose of hell I’m a little bit older now, and I’m glad for it. I enjoyed raising my three daughters, but I wouldn’t want to do it again. I am glad some […]

God’s mouse

In this audio file, I tell a funny story, and talk about a subject that is not funny: God’s wrath.           God’s mouse It’s a story I heard many times while a missionary in the Philippines. It goes like this: There was a visiting preacher who did not understand the Cebuano […]


A sister from an independent Christian church in Idaho writes: “You mentioned a book you co-authored on the subject of final punishment, your part being to present the biblical case for conditional immortality. What exactly do you mean by ‘conditional immortality?’ “ * * * Part 1 “Immortality” means deathlessness, and anyone who is “immortal” […]


In this audio file I compare three views of hell, and talk about the meaning of the Greek adjective aionios.       Everlasting There are basically three views of final punishment debated among Christians. Two groups believe that God has created everyone with immortal souls. One group believes that in hell, God will keep […]

Life Death and Destiny | THE FINAL STATE (Part 3A)

( From Chapter Six (Part 3A – The Final State ): The Judgment of God from Life, Death and Destiny) THE FINAL STATE OF THE RIGHTEOUS AND THE WICKED In essence, there is little debate amongst Christians over the final state of those who are saved: they will enjoy everlasting, bodily (resurrected) life in communion with God and […]

Book Review- Two Views of Hell: A Biblical and Theological Dialogue

{From “From Death To Life” Issue 18} Two Views of Hell: A Biblical and Theological Dialogue By Edward William Fudge and Robert A. Peterson. Reviewed by Carl Josephson This book was published by InterVarsity Press this year not long before Edward Fudge came to New Zealand. By giving equal space to the conditionalist and traditionalist […]